Columbia: a successful case study about e-training in the shipping industry

Columbia Shipmanagement Delivers Expert Training Anywhere — Even at Sea.

Through a strong commitment to top-quality services and efficiency, Columbia Shipmanagement manages to exceed client expectations and training requirements. From on-shore staff to seafaring crew, continuous education keeps Columbia’s 15,000 employees on top of rapidly changing regulations and technologies.

Columbia Shipmanagement expanded its commitment to training by implementing Adobe Captivate Prime to deliver highly accessible eLearning for all employees. Columbia now offers 50% of its courses through eLearning, giving employees the flexibility to study anywhere, anytime, and over any device. Employees spend less time traveling long distances to training centers, which means that they can spend more time at home with family.

Even in cases where in-person training is critical, such as when taking crew through simulations in one of Columbia’s simulation centers, eLearning can help supplement the training by providing critical background that better prepare learners for their hands-on lessons.

One of the biggest benefits is its offline learning capabilities. Seafaring crew might be stationed at sea for weeks at a time, and Internet access can be spotty or highly restricted. Using the offline learning capabilities, crew can still use this valuable time to take courses or earn certifications.

“With our new e-Learning solution, our seafarers can continue their training wherever they are, even when they’re away at sea with limited Internet access. Moreover, they always have access to all training materials including any updates,” says Captain Faouzi Fradi, Group Director Training at Columbia Shipmanagement.

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