Columbia hosts ‘Adopt a Ship’ Programme Certificate Ceremony

On 28th May, Columbia hosted the ‘Adopt a Ship’ certificate ceremony for 38 teachers from across Cyprus.  Entering its 13th year, the ‘Adopt a Ship’ programme partners local schools with vessels to help students learn about life onboard via email correspondence with a Captain.  Through the programme, children do not just learn about Cyprus shipping as a general concept, but about a variety of topics ranging from the everyday life of the crew to the way international trade operates.

As part of the event, a group of teachers attended a demonstration at our Performance Optimisation Control Room by Pankaj Sharma.  Speeches were later made by Ms. Natasa Pilides, Cyprus Deputy Minister of Shipping, as well as representatives from the Cyprus Shipping Chamber and CYMEPA. 

Last but not least, Columbia had the pleasure of hosting lunch time for all the guests. It was a great chance to exchange impressions about the visit and highlight the great value that the programme delivers to the community.