Columbia’s Maritime Crew Resource Management Training

Columbia Shipmanagement’s crew training managers and officers underwent a Maritime Crew Resource Management Training in January 2019 at Columbia Hotel Resorts in Pissouri, Cyprus.

Check the training highlights in our YouTube Channel.

The workshop was an interactive process and tool kit employed by the crew members of a vessel to identify existing and potential threats; and to develop, communicate, and implement plans to achieve safe and efficient operations.

The Programme topics included:

  1. Human Performance and Limitations
  2. Attitudes
  3. Situation Awareness
  4. Cultural Awareness
  5. Communications and Briefings
  6. Authority and Assertiveness
  7. Challenging Response
  8. Short-Term Strategy
  9. Humans and Automation
  10. Workload
  11. Team State
  12. Error Management
  13. Leadership Styles
  14. Decision-Making