World Maritime Day 2019

Today we celebrate together the World Maritime Day 2019 which is dedicated to women in shipping. Columbia Shipmanagement’s commitment goes beyond this date: Empowering women isn’t just an idea or a concept, it is a necessity that requires strong positive actions, like the initiative of CSM TogetHER. Our philosophy supports and promotes women both ashore and onboard our vessels, encouraging our female colleagues within the company to aspire to more while be given the equal opportunities and rights to do so.

Columbia Shipmanagement believes that the future of shipping lies within the diverse and untapped female workforce and it’s our responsibility to ensure that all doors are open for CSM women who want to grow and succeed professionally.

With Mental Health support 24/7, Catering Management and a robust Management System in place for our entire fleet, Columbia ensures the safety and wellbeing onboard, irrespective of gender, sexuality, race, religion or culture. 

This is not about numbers but about equality and opportunity. Making the maritime and shipping sector a better and diverse industry is an obligation and certainly needs the support of all of us.