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With over 40 years of tradition, commitment and professionalism, Columbia has established its position as a world-class ship manager and maritime service provider. Since our founding in Cyprus, we have developed a global reputation by continuously exceeding our clients´ expectations when providing the highest quality and professional management services. Our success is based on the tremendous added-value granted to our clients by leveraging a strong global network and the will of being a leading force in the maritime industry.



Over the years our company has evolved into an organisation with worldwide presence of more than 25 management and representative offices, crewing agencies and training centres. Columbia is part of a larger network of companies that aims to attract and retain the best professionals. Always willing to improve and adapt, our goal is to become the greatest organisation possible for our clients, partners and staff.


Columbia is able to offer turn-key, fully transparent and flexible services portfolio. Since becoming one of the leading practitioners of global ship and crew management, Columbia cooperates closely with other global partners to leverage economies of scale. Our services are cost-efficient and fully optimised to the individual client’s business scenario, resulting in delivery of the best customisable and modular solutions.


New times require new solutions; for this reason Columbia founded Blue Dynamics, a cutting-edge software development company. We fully embrace the digitalisation era within our organisation and are proud to contribute to the technological revolution in the maritime industry. A strength that will add unparalleled value to our partners and clients.


Our extensive network of Management offices are located in key maritime hubs to serve our clients in the most efficient manner.

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Columbia Cruise Services
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