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Leading a digital revolution in the shipmanagement sector

The commitment of Columbia Shipmanagement to the development of new solutions and continuous improvement has lead the organisation to fully embrace the digital revolution. Recent partnerships and exclusive agreements with Lufthansa Industry Solutions and Adobe enables Columbia to leverage an invaluable expertise to optimise our operations. This translates into more cost-efficient shipmanagement services and grant our partners closer control of their assets.

Blue Dynamics - Shipping Software Development

Blue Dynamics is a cutting edge software company set up by Columbia and Lufthansa Industry Solutions since 2017, marking a new era for blue sky thinking in the maritime sector.

The partnership was formed to create a fully digital environment consisting of integrated applications and services which enable clients to become fully integrated into the management and vessel operation process. In turn, this renders the vessels more employable by being compatible with the digital environment enjoyed by the main charterers and shippers. A digital environment assists staff in their decision-making processes, ensures optimisation of vessel maintenance and performance and allows for better monitoring of crew training and pastoral needs. It will also help immeasurably in achieving economies and efficacies of scale. All this tailored to the specific needs of each individual client, large and small.

Online Portal for 24/7 optimize operations

Our online Client and Crew Portals provide our clients, crew and management team with transparent real-time communications.
Columbia Shipmanagement’s Client Portal (CSM Client Connect) is a platform that allows clients to access a wide range of information related to the management of their individual vessels. This includes access to the planned maintenance system, procurement management system, QSHE documents, accounts with financial overview and technical files and drawings.
Clients may also access current operations, crew lists, full details on each crew member, planned crew changes, our web-based vessel tracking system, and vessel specific documents and certificates.

We stay connected to our seafarers at all times within the dedicated Crew Portal (CSM Crew Connect). This enables them to view their next planned assignment, check their real-time compliance status and identify any missing certificates or trainings, even during leave. It also gives crew access to company circulars, news and other information to keep them fully updated.

We are committed to delivering quality, transparent services to all clients at all times.

Digital Control Room

Our state-of the-art Performance Optimisation Control Room (POCR) provides the highest rate of optimization and efficiency for vessels and shore operations, monitoring performance, maintenance, crew management and commercial parameters.

Using the latest technologies available today thanks to our fruitful cooperation with Tototheo Maritime and the strong partnership with worldwide industry leaders, the CR functionality help us to improve our management processes and procurement processes generally, and as the platform for our wider digitalisation programme.

Controlled by expert staff, the fleet is monitored 24/7 and the relevant departments within CSM are alerted if there are any performance issues arising, thereby ensuring their prompt rectification and constant communication with our client. It does not only increase vessel safety, but also optimises the overall vessel performance and future maintenance.

Columbia uses this Control Room concept and functionality to improve our management processes and procurement processes generally, and as the platform for our wider digitalisation progamme. Being web-based, it is fully customisable and can be replicated in any location and in each of our client’ offices and integrated with third party systems.

The main objectives are:

To help our customers understand their options, identify the key elements of their business performance and decide how to carry out effective pilot testing and simulate implementations fleetwise.

To ensure that associated systems will deliver safe and compliant operations. In the process we share our collective knowledge and experience of how different solutions may be applied.

The “Control Room” will provide comprehensive and customizable real time 24/7 fleet monitoring for all type of vessels, with features such as (amongst others):


  • Vessel Safety
  • Vessel tracking and casualty avoidance/response
  • Performance Optimisation
  • Speed and consumption optimisation
  • Load port / disport delay minimisation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Weather routing
  • Disaster avoidance
  • Voyage and operations
  • Maintenance Optimisation including
  • Preventative maintenance techniques
  • Sensor and camera technology
  • Contractual Optimisation
  • Allowing Charterers to input contractual parameters against which the vessels’ performance can be monitored
  • And many more
E-learning for Training

Columbia’s vision to implement a global, state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) which can be used in our offices and onboard the vessels, and also at home of our seafarers or even while we are travelling without internet connectivity, is now a reality.

The agreement reached with Adobe Systems makes Columbia the first shipmanager worldwide to implement a state-of-the-art LMS developed by a reputed high-tech software company that is not exclusively dedicated to the maritime industry.

From now forth, the crew onboard is able to connect to the cloud via satellite internet with negligent cost while streaming the content from ship servers. The training and learning material can be supplied from head offices via email almost immediately without incurring in high communication cost or long-time waiting processes.

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